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23 Apr 2022
English Language Day & World Book Day

The English Language Day  was celebrated on 23rd April in B.J.E.M.S- 2 by organising several activities from classes 3-10. In her address to the Std 10 students, Mrs. Monalisha Praharaj, the subject supervisor of English said that, "English language not only adds a touch of convenience to communication in general but has been a gateway to art in the form of literature of lots of writers around the globe. Every day is a celebration of this beautiful language by itself but any one day specially dedicated towards the language makes it even more special."
The English Department organised various activities for the students of class 3-10 as a part of the great Shakespeare's birth anniversary. While students of Std-6 celebrated the day by participating in Role Play of various characters of literature, students of Std-10 enjoyed a quiz session on Proverbs and Literary devices. Other activities like poetry recitation, story telling, games on parts of speech were conducted as well in the primary classes.
The World Book Day was also celebrated on 23rd April with great fanfare. The event which was held in the school library was a celebration of authors, books, characters, and reading along with various fun activities. Students spoke on the importance of books in their lives. Everyone left the event with a promise to read more, to open our imagination and enhance knowledge.